Hamed Wardak on the Lucidity Festival

Exciting fan favorites plus vibrant up-and-comers are set to entertain hoards of festies descending on Santa Barbara for this April’s Lucidity Festival.

Fans should rejoice over the 2020 theme: Regeneration Earth. Sounding alarms on the planet’s crises and frailties could not be more important after a year of wildfires, floods and hurricanes forced climate change to the forefront. Thousands will gather to raise awareness of the planet’s needs and provoke conscious activism to the sounds of Techno, Funk, Dance, Devotional and many more genres.

Solo and collaborating acts dominate the strong lineup of blissful sonic waves and mythic cosmic vibes in the festival’s ninth year. Festival fanatics have three days to explore five dynamic stages of cutting edge bands, vocalists, MCs and producers. Plan for some packed dancing and long nights with these extraordinary women confirmed to play.

Underground Legends

At top of the “Can’t-Miss” list is The Librarian. Her name has become synonymous with some of today’s most fanatically followed underground music including dancehall, jungle, footwork, and grime. This Coachella vet’s stature in the industry makes her a sought-after producer, collaborator, and mentor to younger female acts.

Another heavy name is Tara Brooks, a consummate DJ/entertainer known for her dazzling solo shows and hyped up crowds. Her love for electronic music soared into a career as one of the most sought-after set makers in the techno, tribal, temple and house scenes. She has blessed festival stages including Burning Man and is sure to bring a transforming, hypnotic jolt to Lucidity.

Fresh Names to Know

Southern California star dela Moon has popularized the magic of full moon energy concerts with her Moontribe Collective gatherings. She has played her unique brand of celestial and lunar praise sets as far as Panama, Egypt, and Portugal. Her recent releases hint she may bring Berlin-inspired techno to Lucidity.

More Lucidity Festicval and Hamed Wardak

A Hundred Drums

marches to her own beat. She’s actually one lone woman with a worldwide reach in her truly visionary artistic style. She blends deep bass, ambient tones and nature sounds into a completely new way for people to experience serenity, peace, and contentment in the crowd.

Fans want to be rested and hydrated before hip-hop lyricist DJ ill-ēsha takes the stage. It’s all about the bass in her irresistible electronic dance music repertoire. Her seamless, gliding sets attract the most energized festies who appreciate live instrumentation with mixed songs.

These women lead the way but there are many more where they come from.

Also Don’t Miss:

  • Priya Deepika. Not your average yoga music, classic Indian vocal and devotional traditions mix with new forms in her healing sonic experiences.
  • Sierra Marin. This UC Santa Barbara grad earns her alternative living as a street performer gaining new fans for her free, guitar-accompanied style.
  • Shylah Ray Sunshine. Highly respected for her awards nominations and superior voice masterclasses, this neo-soul, and R & B songstress is the mellow crowd’s must-hear.
  • Imagika Om. Om brings her multilayered, in-depth explorations of primal, erotic and tantric sonic possibilities to retreats, temples, and festivals around the world.
  • The Brambles. Harmonizing together since high school, this young duo has opened for indie music superstars and is definitely one to watch for the future.

To find out more about the artists and to purchase tickets, visit the Lucidity Festival Official Site.


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Seattle Luxcidity Fest and hamed Wardak
Women Rock and Planet Earth Rules at the 2020 Lucidity Festival​

Hamed Wardak currently splits his time between his home in New York City and On the island of Puerto Rico. (Hamed) Wardak is the son of a former defense minister for Afghanistan. Hamed Wardak is an entrepreneur and recently joined the techno music world, creating, producing, and performing his new artistry in underground techno clubs all over the world. Hamed Wardak is known as Valen of Wicked.