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10 Must Visit Techno and Rave Destinations

hamed warsdak and the must visit techno clubs of the world

A rave is an organized event usually featuring some type of electronic dance music (EDM) as well as art installations. While some raves are small and held at night clubs, there are plenty which have grown to immense sizes, drawing crowds of thousands from all around the world. Raves have become so popular that they even have their own culture, where dance, music, self expression, peace, and love are celebrated. Raves are also typically characterized by bright flashing lights and young adults wearing creative outfits made of neon colors, loud prints, sequins, leather, latex, and more. If you like electronic music, going to a rave should be number one on your bucket list. For those that are interested, here is a list of the top 10 techno and rave destinations.


1. Warsaw, Poland

This Polish capital is well known for some of Poland’s best electronic music scene. With bustling nightclubs packed with people, experimental techno, and a healthy arts scene, Warsaw has challenged the palates of conservative EDM culture. It is recommended that you pay a visit to Instytut Music and Arts Festival, which is a techno festival held within the walls of the Modlin Garrison. State of the art visuals and audio production will make this an experience to remember.

hamed wardak and belgrade

2. Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is well known for its “Drugstore” festival, set in a former slaughterhouse turner cultural space. The brutal, harsh interiors and industrial vibe make this warehouse club hard to beat. Coinciding with the theme, Drugstore usually offers an experimental lineup.

3. Tbilisi, Georgia

Although Tbilisi is known for being pretty conservative, it is quickly growing into one of the world’s greatest clubbing epicenters. It is recommended that you pay a visit to Bassiani, a nightclub which is held in the basement of Georgia’s national footbal club.

4. Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev is home to the renowned “Closer” nightclub, a hotspot of Kiev nightlife. Closer is famous for hosting raves every Friday through Monday in a ribbon factory turned art center and cultural space. With a variety of options including a veranda that looks out over the idyllic Tatarka hills, Closer prides itself on bringing people closer together with music.

hamed wardak and ibiza techno

5. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is one of the best known party destinations in the world. It is the capital of electronic dance music and people from all walks of life flock there to experience it just once. One popular club you should visit is called Sankey’s, a branch of the legendary nightclub franchise started in Manchester, United Kingdom.

6. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is home to one of the most legendary nightclubs in the electronic music scene: Berghain. Berghain is famous for being extremely exclusive, supreme techno, and never ending debauchery.

7. London, United Kingdom

London is responsible for creating new forms of electronic dance music all of the time. As the birthplace of grime, the London clubbing scene is perfect for those who want to experience supreme, authentic techno music. Recommendations include nightclubs such as Plastic People and Fabric.

8. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is not only a gorgeous city, but it also boasts a great clubbing and nightlife scene. It is especially famous for the club Razzmatazz, located in an industrial part of El Poublenou. Not only does Razzmatazz boast a healthy EDM scene, but it is split into five clubs boasting everything from indie rock to pop and disco acts.

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam’s thriving nightlife will let you cover all of your bases in one night. Clubs all over Amsterdam range from industrial spaces to glamorous nightclubs, so there is something for everyone. Some of the world’s biggest DJs play at clubs in Amsterdam, including the famous De School.

10. Tel Aviv, Israel

Although Tel Aviv, can be conservative at times, it still has a bustling nightlife scene. it is home to a famous club called “the Block,” which is an underground location boasting some of the finest international DJs. In addition, you are not allowed to use your phone in this club, which makes it extremely immersive.

10 Must Visit Techno and Rave Destinations

A Guide Featuring Some Of The Top EDM Performers Scheduled To Perform At Coachella This Year

Hamed Wardak and Coachella

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is one of the most popular music festivals in the World. The event features popular and established musical artists across multiple genres, including hip hop, electronic dance, rock, and pop. There is continuous live music throughout the festival. Coachella recently announced the lineup for the upcoming festival. With superstar acts such as Frank Ocean, Travis Scott, and Rage Against The Machine set to perform, many analysts are calling this year’s lineup one of the best in recent years. One of the featured genres during the festival is electronic dance music. Analysts often point out that Coachella features big EDM acts every year. Here is a closer look at the electronic dance music acts set to perform at Coachella this year.


TNGHT is a musical duo consisting of producers Lunice and Hudson Mohawke. Hudson Mohawke and Lunice met during the LuckyMe Records Tour of North America. In addition to the Coachella Music Festival, TNGHT has peformed at the Opera House and Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg. The duo recently started making music again after a six year hiatus.

Duck Sauce

Duck Sauce is a DJ duo consisting of A-Trak and Armand Van Helden. The duo are known for their hit record; Barbra Streisand. The hit record reached #3 on the UK singles chart and #1 on the Australian ARIA Club Chart. Barbra Streisand also reached #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Song Chart. Duck Sauce also received an MTV Video Music Award nomination for the song; It’s You. This will be Duck Sauce’s first time performing at Coachella since 2014.


French DJ Madeon has been nominated for two Electronic Music Awards. He received critical acclaim for his record; Pop Culture, a mix of over 30 different songs. In addition to Coachella, Madeon has performed at the Ultra Music Festival, Lollapalooza, and the Electric Daisy Carnival. Madeon’s music has been featured on Dancing With The Stars and several different video games.

Cashmere Cat

European DJ Cashmere Cat is known for producing songs for different artists, as well as remixing them. Cashmere Cat represented Norway at the DMC World DJ Championships. Cashmere Cat has worked with artists such as 2 Chainz, Kanye West, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Shawn Mendes.

Hamed Wardak and Aranna Grande at Coachella


DJ GRiZ is known for producing funk and electro-soul based tracks. He also plays the saxophone. After releasing his critically acclaimed debut album; The End of The World Party, GRiZ collaborated with popular artists including Big Gigantic, Pretty Lights, and Bassnectar. GRiZ has performed at the North Coast Festival and Shambhala.

Lost Kings

Lost Kings is an American DJ duo consisting of Robert Abisi and Nick Shanholtz. The duo received recognition by Billboard after releasing remixes to records by artists such as Imagine Dragons, Tori Kelly, and Disclosure. Lost Kings has amassed millions of plays on Soundcloud and Spotify. Lost Kings previously performed at The Made in America Festival.

Black Coffee

DJ Black Coffee has had a successful career. He initially achieved recognition after performing at the Red Bull Music Academy Lounge in Barcelona. Black Coffee was also inducted into The Guinness Book of World Records when he DJed at a local mall for over 60 hours without taking a break. In recent years, Black Coffee has collaborated with Usher, David Guetta, and Drake.

Chris Liebing

For over 30 years, Chris Liebing has been considered one of the best DJs in Europe. Liebing has performed at some of the biggest clubs in the World, as well as popular music festivals such as Europe’s time warp.

A Guide Featuring Some Of The Top EDM Performers Scheduled To Perform At Coachella This Year

How To Differentiate Between House And Techno Music

Differences between House and techno from hAmed Wardak

House and techno can seem very similar. Some people don’t see the point in differentiating between them, but there are definitely differences. Knowing about the music you enjoy can allow a deeper appreciation of it. These two genres may seem to mix and match ,but let’s look deeper.


These genres have different beginnings and influences, even though their timelines are similar.

House: House began first. It was created in Chicago. There is some disagreement as to whether it began in the late 1970s or early 1980s.

It was begun as a progression of the disco music that was played in clubs at the time. Various DJs in Chicago made house tracks that began to integrate such influences as Latin music, rap, and synth pop.

Techno: Techno was created in the Detroit area in the early to mid 1980s. It does often heavily use electronic instruments like synthesizers,drum kits, and sequencers to produce its signature sound.

Techno has some rather eclectic influences. It was influenced heavily by African American music styles like house,funk,electro,and synth pop music. It also tends to rely on science fiction and futuristic themes.


One way people differentiate between these two genres is the intensity and content of the music.

House: House in general has a more upbeat essence to it. People often say it’s stayed truer to its disco-inspired roots. There can tend to be a level of optimism and even celebration in house music.

Techno: Techno explores futuristic,potentially dystopian themes. It has depth and complexity. There is a level of pensiveness and reflection to this music. It can evoke ideas about humanity’s progression and trajectory.

Hamed Wardak and the differences between house and techno


A main focal point of putting a song into one category or the other in the house or techno debate is the tempo of the music.

House: House music’s range is between 115 beats per minute to 135 beats per minute. It’s often considered the “slower” of the two genres.

Techno: Techno’s tempo range is from 125 beats per minute up to 150 beats per minute.

While the beginning and ending ranges are pretty vastly different, both genres often stay within a sweet-spot tempo range of 125 beats per minute to 135 beats per minute. If you want to differentiate, take other factors into consideration as well.

Commercial Success

Both of these genres have had influence and success in popular culture.

House: House is considered to be more mainstream and commercial by some people. It’s influenced,impacted, and inspired numerous big-name pop stars. House-inspired music had significant radio air play even into the 2010s and beyond.

Techno: Techno and all of its sub genres such as acid,hardcore, and ambient were more popular in Europe than America and often seen as more underground in nature.

Both genres are fascinating touchstones of American music history. They have grown to have a global impact on the music industry.

How To Differentiate Between House And Techno Music

Dance Music Can Help With IVF Success Rates

Hamed Wardak and ITV and Techno

In vitro fertilization is a technique to help women struggling with infertility become mothers. It involves fertilization of eggs outside of the womb and later implanting any viable embryos in hopes of a full-term baby.

This process can be long and emotionally trying, especially when there’s no success getting a viable embryo for implantation. A fascinating new bit of research shows that techno and EDM music might in fact help this process.

Moscow Research With Dance And Techno Music

Music has been played for potential embryos before,with some success. This latest testing using music that was undertaken in Moscow showed quite promising results. The research was performed by a team at an In Vitro Fertilization clinic in Moscow. The results were presented at Fertility 2017 in Edinburgh,Scotland.

The research involved playing dance and techno music ,such as Armin van Buuren’s “A State of Trance” to a room full of 758 potential embryos at 80 dB for 24 hours a day. The goal of this research was to find out if the music would have any effect on the growth or viability of the potential embryos.

Results Of The Research

The Moscow team, lead by Alex Biryukov, had some encouraging findings. This study showed that there was a significant jump in the number of viable embryos that were able to make it to the stage that they could be implanted.

Hamed Wardak and techno for babies

Why Does Techno And Dance Music Work?

There have been studies playing different styles of music to potential embryos. One such study from Barcelona played metal,rock, and pop music by the likes of Metallica, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, and Madonna.

The Barcelona team did find a 5% increase in likelihood of fertilization with this music. The study results were good, but not quite as strong as with the techno and dance music.

It’s thought by Professor Dagan Wells of the University Of Oxford that the repetitive pulses and beats found in the techno and dance music are helpful in mimicking the conditions that would occur in the womb after a natural conception. The embryonic growth medium is agitated and this can increase viability by diluting harmful chemicals that may have been produced by the potential embryo.

Is Music The Future Of In Vitro Fertilization?

While two studies are not exactly an extensive body of research, the results indicate that techno and dance music can be an asset in the in vitro fertilization process. With such promising results, it has potential to become become an integral part of the process in the future.

More studies need to be done on this topic, but it seems the results they have found so far are promising. Playing the dance and techno music to the potential embryos is basically free, it’s got no risk of injury or side effects, and it has been shown to help growth and fertilization significantly. The best part is that it may allow women to have the children they’ve always dreamed of having.

Dance Music Can Help With IVF Success Rates

How To Make Techno Music All Alone In Your Room

Hamed Wardak and How to make techno music all alone in your room

Techno is one of the emerging genres in the World music scene. Techno is a form of electronic dance music. It relies on continuous instrumental music. Many artists add drum machines, synthesizers, and sequences to the tempo. Techno music has evolved over the years to incorporate several different styles. Techno is a fun genre to experiment with. If you would like to start experimenting with the techno sound, here is a guide to help you start producing techno music.


Figure Out Which Style You Want To Implement

Techno music was created for the dance floor. The most important frequency to dance to is the bass. You can start with a kick drum and a bass line. Once you get comfortable using those elements, you can start adding other things. Consider using sidechain to give your kick more space.


Use A Stereo

Use a stereo to help enhance your track. Stereo widening will help your track sound unique compared to traditional mono sounds. However, a lot of clubs are in Mono. Stereo widening will enhance the sound of your track while people listen to it through their speakers.


Showcase Your Individual Style

If the entire track is programmed perfectly, the sound will be there, but the production will lack some flair. That’s why it is important that you incorporate your personal flair into the track. Consider using a swing fader to move different elements around. You can also automate some of the sound to help create that unique feel.


Don’t Rely On Filling The Track

Many producers are enamored with making sure that their music sounds full. However, a full sound may not be compatible with other elements. By creating space, you’ll enhance some of the elements on the track. Sometimes it is better to only add a few elements, so that you can leave breathing space.

Listen To Your Peers

Compare your track to other sounds that you like. Listening to other tracks can help you figure out how to improve your work. If you’ve noticed a specific technique or element that you like, figure out some ways to incorporate it into your tracks.


Try New Things

While you are creating your music, don’t be afraid to take some risks. You may believe that adding a specific element is a bad idea, but you won’t know for sure until you test it out.


Listen To Your Track Several Times

Listen to your track multiple times. After listening to it several times, you may notice something new. Listen to the track with an open mind and don’t be afraid to change something.


Use Multiple Devices To Test Your Sound

Listen to your track in the studio and then use some headphones. Play the track in your car. By using multiple devices to test your sound, you’ll have a clear idea of how your track sounds regardless of the occasion.

How to Maek techno music all alone in your room - hamed Wardak

How To Make Techno Music All Alone In Your Room

How Several African Techno Music Stars Seek To Re-Define The Genre And Heal Old Wounds

Technocracy and Hamed Wardak

Throughout history, there has been a complicated relationship between race and the global electronic music scene. Analysts point out that the music industry has had problems addressing cultural sensitivity and acknowledgement. This is especially true when discussing techno music.

The Emergence of Techno

The term techno was created during the 1980s. Techno was a way for developed countries to express themselves. Techno also became a symbol during the time period when many people were being hired to data influenced positions. The music relied on beat patterns.


Techno was also influenced by technocracy. Technocracy is a system of elite technical workers who create platforms designed to assist lesser workers. Technocracy had the potential to damage social communities by favoring those in power and neglecting the views of lower class citizens. Some analysts believed that technocracy was similar to the system that oppressed African Americans for centuries.

The early sound of techno music can be traced back to Detroit during the aftermath of the race riots. The music was considered a sign of Detroit’s decline. Many of Detroit’s wealthiest citizens left the city. Those who remained in Detroit did not want to be defined by technology. Early critics point out that techno music during the time period had a heavy European influence.

Over the next year, Techno music started to receive airplay. The music was marketed to a predominantly black fan base. The compilation album; Techno! The New Dance Sound of Detroit helped the genre reach the mainstream. However, tensions started to rise.


Many Detroit residents started to complain about a lack of respect being shown towards the city’s techno artists, who were considered pioneers of the genre. At several parties, the DJs didn’t play any Detroit influenced techno records at all. Many white artists were criticized for wearing styles that are primarily part of the African American community.

Analysts saw these controversial events as cultural theft, re-urbanization, and a form capitalism. Technocracy relies on the standards set by elitists. However, many people are stepping forward to tell their stories and change the narrative of European colonial ideology. The next generation of African techno music stars hope to decolonize the genre.

Frankie Hutchinson

Frankie Hutchinson believes that it’s her duty to promote the black history of techno music. Hutchinson is currently a booker at Bossa Nova Civic Club, where she has the opportunity to work with several black artists. Hutchinson would like to see more African Americans in booking positions at clubs. While Hutchinson has noticed more diversity, she says that many black artists are still suffering from having limited opportunities.

MoMA Ready

MoMA Ready is inspired by the perseverance of DJs in Brooklyn’s POC communities. MoMA Ready is trying to create new opportunities in global dance music. He wants full autonomy over his art. He wants to release his music directly to his fans. MoMA Ready wants to see changes for people of color in dance music around the World. MoMA Ready is excited to be a part of the next generation of black DJs embracing techno roots throughout North America.


This is an important time for the black techno community. Akua believes that black contributions to the genre have been ignored. Black contributions to the techno scene have highlighted the underground style in its purest form. Akua says that black women in the industry are often invisible. That’s why she is committed to promoting change on a domestic and global stage. Having the opportunity to travel around the World was beneficial. Akua says that touring allowed her to strengthen her relationship with techno music.

Akua views herself as a healer and educator. Through her music, She had the opportunity to ease some of the tension between Berlin, Germany and the United States. Akua wants to raise awareness for the artists that laid the foundation for her to be successful. Akua enjoys paying tribute to the past. She strives to educate people so that their idea of techno music will evolve.

How Several African Techno Music Stars Seek To Re-Define The Genre And Heal Old Wounds

Green Velvet Call for The EDM Community to Acknowledge its Roots

Green Velvet and Hamed Wardak
Artist Green Velvet (real name Curtis Alan Jones) is speaking out to members of the EDM community. Jones took to twitter recently to not only make a statement clarifying the relationship between EDM, techno and house music. He also declared a call-to-action for the EDM community to self-educate about their history.

Jones is frustrated that the creators and members of the EDM community do not acknowledge that EDM is derived from techno and house music and that they are lumping the genres of music together.

Jones goes on to compare house and techno to rock & roll. Just as rock & roll often does not acknowledge that it is derived from blues, EDM is failing to acknowledge and give respect to its roots which are house and techno.

In the early 2000’s, techno had become associated with raves and drugs such as ecstasy. The decision to use the initials, EDM, came about when music promoters wanted to distance themselves from this stigma. Gary Richards told The Guardian in 2012, “If you approach a venue owner or local authority for permits and you use the word ‘rave,’ your business model is doomed.”

However, many pioneers of the techno and house community are not happy with these genres being conflated They say that perception of these genres have merged and differentiation is called for.

However, despite this concern, others view EDM as more representative of particular fashion styles, life-style and attitudes that, even though they have emerged out of the scene of house and techno, they have come to be their own entity altogether and are not necessarily viewed as one and the same.

That being said, some originators of house and techno, such as Jones, would like the respect that is due to them. They want EDM community members to acknowledge that without house and techno, EDM wouldn’t exist at all.

That being said, some originators of house and techno, such as Jones, would like the respect that is due to them. They want EDM community members to acknowledge that without house and techno, EDM wouldn’t exist at all. community members to acknowledge that without house and techno, EDM wouldn’t exist at all.
community members to acknowledge that without house and techno, EDM wouldn’t exist at all.community members to acknowledge that without house and techno, EDM wouldn’t exist at all.community members to acknowledge that without house and techno, EDM wouldn’t exist at all.

Green Velvet Call for The EDM Community to Acknowledge its Roots​

Experience Paradise on a 11-Day Techno Bender Festival Experience of Sound

Great Amici vietman Hamed Wardak Blog

Some people dream of spending time on a deserted tropical island. Then there are those who are driven by the techno beat of a different drummer. A tribe who desire to enjoy a festival centered around music and art held on a gorgeous island beach with DJs and audiences sharing the latest electronic music trends from Asia and around the world.

Straight on Techno Bender

Experience a winter destination for techno music aficionados, travelers, partygoers, and entertainment industry people. What ignites this festival is a love of music and art, a passion to connect East and West, and the possibility of encouraging people to be the best and most bodacious versions of themselves on an elevated techno bender musical adventure.

Get Your Guide On

Every great enterprise needs a guiding spirit. Meet Natasha Rogal, CEO of one epic music festival and all-around phenom. “People used to have to go all the way to Europe to go to a big festival,” mused Rogal in an interview with “Vice UK.” For those who crave beautiful times with beautiful people in Asia, here is your space and place.

A Sense of Place, A Sense of Wonder

Dance on the white sand of Sunset Sanato Beach, situated on an island paradise on the maritime border between Cambodia and Vietnam. Come to an annual music festival held from the end of December to the first week in January that provides pure house and techno electronic music on Vietnam’s beautiful Phu Quoc island. Sound good?

Vietnam’s techno scene reverberates with energy. Rogal notes, “An entire section of the festival is given to regional artists.” For example, Vietnamese-German Phuong Dan. “It’s extremely important to work with local partners, to attract local people to work at the festival, and be involved in its growth.”

Hamed Wardak Blog and the Vietnam Techno Fest

Had We But World Enough, and Time

Question: How long should a music festival in paradise last? Answer: Enough time to relax, enjoy the ride, find friends, and get your head into the scene.

Some guests come for a five-day stay, but many – “the core ravers” – take in the full 11-day experience. When much of the audience is arriving from the Americas, Australia, and Europe, three or four days may not be enough time to relax, refresh, and find the groove. Rogal explains her love of festivals by declaring, “They provide an incredible opportunity to get to know new people, hear new music and find new artists. What other holiday gives you that?”


Imagine inspired musical mayhem and magic for a full-on week-and-a-half. Eleven glorious nights and dazzling days. For 24 hours, the full rotation of the sun, the finest global and local DJ superstars bring solid beats for your audio satisfaction.

What is the experience like? History, no matter what the profs say, never precisely repeats itself. However, it does lay a road map to future terrain. Past festivals have had dance music legends like Nina Kraviz and Peggy Gou laying down sounds. This winter Rogal anticipates performances by Moodymann, Ben UFO, Richy Ahmed, as well as the homegrown talent that gives the festival its roots and anchors it in its rich environment.


DJs and the Audiences Who Love Them

Here is a fest that’s like the love child between winter-break in Berlin and a sesh-session. A legendary and celebrated space for DJs, and the audiences that love them, to forge community, generate distinct sounds and re-connect with old friends after the year’s bustling touring schedule. Come meet your community at a fest that’s hosted over 140 international and regional DJ superstars! Here is a phenomenal experience that has its audience up and moving.


Experience Paradise on a 11-Day Techno Bender Festival Experience of Sound

Carl Craig Teams Up With Dia: Beacon For Sonic Installation

Carl Craig and Hamed Wardak

Think of the Repeating Title (Up Above) as a Techno Beat that Carl Craig is putting through the grind over  and over and over again.  An experiment to see if words could create the same repeated sensation to the eye (like a loop) that a good techno beat can do to lull the ear into repetitious beauty!


The small nation of Georgia has a long and storied history. Lying where Europe starts to merge into Asia, it has been a stop along the ancient Silk Road. Today, this nation that was once dominated by the U.S.S.R. has again reclaimed an identity. It’s one place where residents are still trying to figure who they are and how to govern. Georgia’s capital city of Tbilisi is home to over a million people. It’s an area where divisions can bubble up again in some very unexpected ways. While many Georgians adhere to traditional, conservative values, there are people in Tbilisi who look for places where they can break free and find a different path. One nightclub has proven to be both a flash point of tension and yet a world that allows for incredible self expression at the same time.

Released From Below the Surface

Years of tight rule by the Soviets had the effect of tightening dissent. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, people here have found it possible to think about who they are. For members of the community’s gay and lesbian residents, this process has been freeing and scary. The state’s Georgian Orthodox church is ruled by those who are harbor homophobic views. Last May 17, they led a large crowd down the streets of Tbilisi along with homophobic banners to celebrate something they called Family Purity Day. It was a parade intended to express disgust at the city’s pride march.

Carl Craig playing a show on the Hamed Wardal Blog

Finding a Haven

Despite these jeers, gay and lesbian residents have found one place where they can find a measure of safety from the society’s conservative leaders. One space is a hugely famous techno club. People come here from the globe to party hard. It’s owners decided it was time to take a chance, speak out and fight what they see as the city officials and their unfair crackdowns on freedom of personal expression. In pursuit of that aim, they have created a night once a month known as Horoom. It’s a carefully vetted night for gay and lesbian people in Tbilisi to let go of the pressures of living in the community.

Many Security Measures

Protecting people at the club on Horoom is the major aim of the night. Anyone who wants to attend must submit a Facebook profile. They get a code and agree to avoid taking photography that could otherwise potentially reveal people who not yet out to a society rife with homophobia. This event has been in place for over three years. About a thousand people come here to let go in an event that was given the name of a famous Georgian war dance. It’s also a chance for people to fight against other customs in the area they find deeply unfair.

Many Arrests

Georgia is also home to some of the strictest drug laws in the world. As a result, more than a third of nation’s prisoners are behind bars for drug offenses considered minor in many other places. The owners have been very vocal in their support for an organization known as White Noise. This organization aims to reduce the reach of such strict laws including rules that allow anyone to be stopped and asked to take a urine test by getting patrons involved in local anti extremist drug laws protests.

Clashes With Others

After the Georgian police invaded the club, it was clear this was a conflict between multiple groups. People danced in front of the city’s parliament to protest their treatment during the raid. They were met with an organization with ties to the Neo-Nazis calling the dancers drug dealers and gay slurs. Government leaders and the leaders of White Noise suggested that everyone leave the area. Government official have condemned right wing violence and threats. The owners report ongoing efforts at harassment by far right groups in the area. Still, they remain committed to what they have started. The club will continue to provide Tbilisi’s gays and lesbians at least one night a month where they can free safe and happy. It’s a mission they consider an essential part of their lives as community activists.

Carl Craig Teams Up With Dia:Beacon For Sonic Installation

The Techno Travellers Map

Hamed Wardak and the Techno Traveller Map is Launching New App
The Techno Traveller Map was introduced to the public three years ago. The original intent of the map was to help people find various clubs in cities, enhancing their travel experience. This helped so many when looking for raves that the idea of it took off with great speed.

Since going viral, the original creator Matthieu Rodrigues got the brilliant idea to take the concept and develop it into an app. The app would be designed to give the user full access to the names and events happening in their chosen search location. This will be available for use at locations all around the globe, making it relevant no matter where you roam.


While it was referred to as the Techno Travellers Map initially, the name has been changed to Clubeling. He wanted to release an easy-to-use app that made the most of the original Techno Traveller Map. This will be even more elaborate and efficient. You can access it directly from your mobile device, making it a great way to personalize the experience.


It has been stated that the direction of the app is geared towards clubs playing techno and house style music. It will give a comprehensive look into locations of interest, making it simple for users to have an exciting night out on the town. This will reduce the hassle of trying to figure out where fun locations are on their own.


You can even plan to visit venues before ever arriving at your location. This will simplify your trip so you can sort out your plans ahead of time.

Because the app is in its beginning stages of development, they will start by releasing a private beta version. The version will be accessed by a select 500 users. When the users operate the app, they will be able to make suggestions to improve the app functionality, working out any bugs or kinks along the way. They will be able to add any additional clubs that may be missing, maximizing the number of clubs listed.

This will give the developers direct insight on how to provide the best resources possible within the app. Once the app has been fully developed to satisfaction, it will be released to the general public and available for download.

If you travel frequently, enjoy clubs and raves, and are always looking for top-rated entertainment in your travels, Clubeling may be one to keep a lookout for.

Traveller Techno Appp and Hamed Wadakl

The Techno Travellers Map​

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