Techno-Music Scene In Mozambique
Techno-Music Scene In Mozambique

If you are wondering how the electronic music scene in Mozambique is doing, the answer is that it is thriving. In the capital city of Maputo, a DJ, social connector and scene leader named Nandele Maguni is putting out techno, trip-hop and other cutting-edge sounds that have got people out on the dance floors, and he is also encouraging other artists and generally nurturing the techno-music community. In short, it’s an exciting time to be in Maputo if you are into electronic music or even if you just like to go out clubbing.

The DJ

Even at the age of 38, Nandele Maguni exudes youthful enthusiasm. He walks and talks quickly, and he mixes his observations about the alternative music community in Maputo with philosophical asides about life and art.

Maguni’s father was a diplomat and a journalist, and he passed on a love of music to his son. As a child, Nandle Maquni heard lots of local African music, but his dad also introduced him to western sounds including those made by Wu Tang Clan from New York City. When Maquni began to work as a DJ, he had a lot of different influences.

Maquni started out running a band that played live while people sang pop songs over the music. It made him decent money, but he got bored with it. His true passion was electronic music, and he wanted to mix fast beats rather than get bogged down in the slower rhythms of the live-music scenes.

He began to put out electronic music recordings, and they really caught on. He has pointed out that, while no one from Mozambique has gone out into space yet, through music and the imagination, people from his hometown can go wherever they wish. His music is a diverse mix.

The city

Maputo is a city full of old buildings that date back to the days when Mozambique was a colony of Portugal. Its climate is tropical, and there are flowers and plants everywhere. Some are planted intentionally, and others just grow wild. For the most part, there is a relaxed atmosphere on the streets. However, there is also a strong police presence, and almost everywhere you look you will see police officers standing guard and holding machine guns.

The guns are a reminder that Mozambique has a violent past. After fighting to gain independence from Portugal, the country has been engaged in civil war on and off ever since. As a result, it is more isolated from the rest of the world economically and culturally than other countries in Africa. Despite the country’s troubles, Maputo is a beautiful city. Famous architectural landmarks include the city cathedral and its botanical gardens.

The scene

Music is a big thing in Maputo. Tunes from South Africa are popular, and so are songs from Angola. Furthermore, there is a lot of Brazilian pop music playing in Maputo, and this is likely because the two countries share the same language.