The origins of techno music can be traced back to the electronic house music scene in the 1980s. Techno is pure electronic music, and was originally designed for a small audience. Eventually, techno music started to become popular, gaining a larger audience. Techno music started to split into smaller sub genres. Techno music was designed to be played in clubs. Many of the songs had a long run time, which gave DJs the versatility to add different things to their sets. With that being said, here is an in-depth look at the different styles of techno music.

Techno Bass

Techno Bass is popular in Miami and Detroit. The genre incorporates techno, bass music, and Electro with a classic atmosphere and unique production. Some of the top Techno Bass acts include Aux 88, Octave One, and Wild Planet.

Minimal Techno

Minimal Techno was developed through the art of sampling and programming. As the genre developed, the music started to add layers. As Minimal Techno evolved, artists cleared their productions except for drum programs and synthesizer patterns. Some of the top Minimal Techno artists include Rob Hood, Jeff Mills, and Oliver Ho.

Electro Jazz

Electro-Jazz is known for combining synthesizers and unique rhythms. Some of the top artists in the genre include Alan Murphy, Parov Stelar, Christophe Goze, and Gabin. Bisk also released two universally acclaimed albums: Time and Ticklish Matters.


During the mid 1990s, British clubs featured the sights and sounds of robots and body poppers. Analysts considered the time period a revival of the Electro movement. Acts such as Underground Resistance and Ectomorph rose to prominence. Artists such as Karl Bartos and Kyle Dixon helped the genre evolve.

Acid Techno

During the mid 1980s, acid music became popular through making an impression on the youth. Artists started to use harder sounds compared to classic house music. Some of the pioneers of Acid Techno include Dave Clarke and Aphex Twin.

Techno Dub

Techno-Dub combines Minimal Techno with the pointed attack of techno and sonic bass gained from dub records. The genre rose to prominence in Germany before spreading across Europe. Some of the top artists include Echospace, Porter Ricks, and Vladislav Delay.

Hardcore Techno

Hardcore Techno is considered the fastest form of dance music. During Britain’s Summer Of Love, many patrons demanded quicker rhythms and forms of music. DJs started speeding up house records. The spread of Hardcore Techno across Europe lead to the creation of multiple underground styles. Featured artists in the genre include DJ Hell, Alec Empire, and Angerfist.

Experimental Techno

Experimental Techno embraces the belief that the world of electronic dance music has endless possibilities for experimentation. Experimental Techno combines the disc error clicks and scratches of European experimenters with the unique effects of Cristian Vogel. Atom Heart, Twisted Science, and Nonplace Urban Field have also made an impact in the genre.


Raves are underground parties where acid house and hardcore music was played while people consumed drugs. DJs mixed house music with popular techno singles. As Raves became popular and grew a larger following, artists such as Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, and The Prodigy invaded the mainstream.


Electro-Techno combined Electro funk with Detroit Techno. Electro-Techno also implements vocoder distorted vocals and robots. The Jedi Knights and Tusken Raiders took over the genre in the 1990s.

Experimental Electro

Experimental Electro was created through the revival of the classic Electro style. Artists were influenced by the sound of the streets, which created an evolution in the studio. Mr. Oizo and Helena Hauff are popular artists in the genre.

Detroit Techno

Detroit Techno has a dark vibe mixed with a smooth feel. The early years of Detroit Techno were influenced by Detroit’s economic collapse. As techno music evolved, Detroit artists started using desktop digital audio and MIDI encoded equipment. Kenny Larkin and Stacey Pullen have helped Detroit Techno music become a global sensation.

Ambient Techno

Ambient Techno uses 808 and 909 drum machines to create a unique sound. Artists such as Apollo and GPR used minor-key melodies and thin sounding electronics.


Electro combines old school funk with hip hop and synthesizer technology. Afrika Bambaataa’s Planet Rock is considered one of the earliest Electro hits. Herbie Hancock and Grandmaster Melle Mel helped bring Electro music into the mainstream.

A Look At The Evolution Of Techno Music