7 Electronic Music Documentaries That’ll Make You an Expert​ - Hamed Wardak
7 Electronic Music Documentaries That’ll Make You an Expert​

Electronic music actually involves numerous subgenres and even non-genres. It’s easy for the uninitiated to lump them all into the corporate-labeled non-genre of electronic dance music or EDM. To help you survive any future discussions with certain DJs and even dancers who take the “culture” and what they do a tad too seriously here are several electronic music documentaries that will make you more of an expert.

“Pump Up the Volume: A History of House Music

This is the most comprehensive and longest documentary on house music. It covers the history of house from Chicago’s underground clubs through the UK’s so-called “summer of love” in 1989 when acid house music captured the Brit music landscape. The documentary also discusses drum and bass, techno and UK garage music. It’s perfect for those seeking more information on the roots of today’s club music.

“I Was There When House Took Over the World”

“I Was There When House Took Over the World” provides a detailed focus on the evolution of house music from disco music to its official birth in Chicago. It features noteworthy interviews with DJ Pierre, Honey Dijon, Marshall Jefferson, and Nile Rodgers. It also includes a praiseworthy segment with Jesse Saunders. Saunders is credited for producing the first official release in the genre, 1984’s “On and On.”

“High Tech Soul: The Creation of Techno Music”

Contrary to popular belief, techno wasn’t imported from Europe. This documentary reveals the true origins of the genre. It reports techno’s connections to dreams of Afrofuturism, robots, and urban decay. The film also focuses on techno’s earliest years, the genre’s major players, and the eventual exportation of the music to Europe where it garnered its biggest audience. The documentary also includes an interview with techno journalist and author Dan Sicko.

“Darkbeat: An Electro Voyage”

Electro is considered one of the most difficult genres to peg down. “Darkbeat: An Electro Voyage” researches the often difficult to define and hard to follow electro genre. The development of electro begins with Kraftwerk, through the early-1980s electro-funk, Detroit techno, the United Kingdom, Europe, and it’s current sound. Essentially, electro is the bastard child of techno and hip-hop, while still maintaining its own musical identity. This film ties it all together.

“Why Drexciya Took Detroit Electro Underwater”

This short documentary explores Drexciya. Drexciya consists of Gerald Donald and the late James Stinson. This performing pair is arguably the most relevant activities to influence the genre of modern electro. They explore themes rooted in Afrofuturism and a culture born of the sea. This duo also spawned numerous side projects under multiple aliases. They included Der Zyklus, Doppler Effekt, Elektroids, Lab Rat XL, The Other People Place, Transillusion, and more.

“A Summary of Drum and Bass Music: The Origins and Subgenres”

This particular presentation is reported to be more of a rundown of different dance music genres and Hyperdub label owner Kode 9.

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