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Hamed Wardak Sees A Beautiful Future

Hamed’s goal is to bridge the gap of generations to create a more beautiful future. Not only is this his goal, equally important, it is his hope. He realizes the need and urgency to spread the message of peace to the generations worldwide. As a result, he has created a new professional persona. He is known as “Valen of Wicked.” Valen now takes to the stage to provide a unique style of atmospherically-specific techno music. 


Hamed Wardak

Hamed Wardak

Musician And Producer At Valen Of Wicked

JANUARY 31, 2020

A Look At Hamed Wardak’s Business Ventures And Creative Projects


Hamed Wardak Entreprenerd

Ever since Hamed Wardak was a child, he showed unique intellectual gifts. Throughout his career, Wardak has used his intellect and creative thoughts to succeed in his endeavors. Many of Wardak’s peers believe that he is often one step ahead. Here is a closer look at Hamed Wardak’s career.

Hamed Wardak: The Early Years

Hamed Wardak was born in Afghanistan. He is the son of Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak. Wardak spent most of his childhood living in Pakistan and the United States. A connoisseur of elite educational opportunities, Hamed Wardak, attended and graduated from Georgetown University at the top of his class. After earning the title of valedictorian of his Georgetown class with a degree in Government and Political Theory, Wardak received the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship all in the same year.




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It’s no secret that techno music has become a worldwide phenomenon. Not only is it one of the most performed genres of electronic music, but it is also one of the most listened to! However, the prominence of techno also brings with it some misconceptions.

For example, many people think that the music is easy to create because it is very repetitive. Though techno music is repetitive, it’s not at all easy to make. Being able to regularly create solid techno tracks usually takes years of experience, with working professionals continuing to practice their skills on a daily basis.

That being said, there are some techniques that you can use to create techno music. To help you understand all of the steps to this unique genre of music, we have created The Dummy’s Guide to Producing Electrifying Techno Sounds:


Step #1: Get a Mac Computer

If you’re someone who uses any type of computer, it’s very likely that you have felt pressured at some point in your life to purchase an Apple product. Though they are usually some of the most popular devices available on the market, they are also quite expensive. However, there is a reason as to why they are always so popular: Mac products usually have the best music programs! If you want to become a great techno producer, we recommend that you bite the bullet and just purchase a Mac computer.

Step #2: Use Ableton Live

After you get your computer, you need to acquire a Digital Audio Workspace (DAW). DAWs are important because they allow users to compile and edit audio files, layering tracks to create arrangements that eventually become songs. There are a variety of different DAWs available for Mac computers that range from the free Audacity to the expensive Logic Pro X.

However, none are as good for creating techno music as Ableton Live. Not only does this program allow you to effortlessly create techno tracks, but it also lends itself well to mixing and playing your songs live! If you are just starting out and need to learn how to use Ableton, there are plenty of guides online that can walk you through the process.

Step #3: Get a Kick Drum Effect

If you ask anyone what the defining element of techno music is, it’s very likely that they’ll mention kick drums (also referred to as “the kick”). The kick often serves as the foundation of any given song, constantly pulsating throughout the track as a way of grounding it. The personality of many songs is also defined exclusively by the kick, making it important for you to find a kick sound that is truly unique. Though there are many sounds that inherently come with Ableton, we recommend that you create your own.

Creating your own kick sound can be as easy as mixing different presets in Ableton and applying effects until they sound differently. Another way that you can create your own kick is to record an acoustic sound that reminds you of a kick drum. In fact, you might be surprised at how many sounds in real life resemble kick drums! It’s worth noting that you also don’t need an expensive recording setup to capture an acoustic sound. For example, your smart phone likely comes with a microphone that is good enough to record a kick drum sound! If you’re looking for inspiration, we recommend rolling up a carpet and seeing which type of sounds you can make with it. Couches are also great sources for bass-driven sounds!

Step #4: Add Pre Delay to Your Kick

Once you’ve created your ideal kick drum sound, import it into Ableton. After you have done that, add some pre delay to the sound. This will get the sound to not only sound like a typical techno beat, but it will also help fill the mix more.

Step #5: Incorporate Metallic Sounds

Something that separates techno from other genres of electronic music such as Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is that it features many metallic sounds that evoke machinery and futurism. If you want to make sure your song is quintessentially techno, you should focus on incorporating some metallic sounds of your own!

Step #6: Add a Shaker and a Clap

Once you’ve established the general soundworld that your song will exist in, you should add more motion to the track. By adding a shaker (or hi-hat of some sort) and a clap on the off beats, you can make the song “pop” in a special way!

tep #7: Mix All of the Tracks

After finishing all of the core components of your song, you should mix it together. This typically involves listening to the song on different types of headphones and speakers and adjusting the sounds until you feel that it sounds wonderful!

The Dummy's Guide to Producing Electrifying Techno Sounds

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Hamed Wardak

Musician at Valen of Wicked


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